BullStone 21: The Eastern Border, September 2016

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BullStone 21: The Eastern Border, September 2016
From Latvia with love

Flora and Stecco have a real treat for you, as they welcome the host of The Eastern Border Podcast, Kristaps Andrejsons to BullStone! A podcast about the politics and the history of eastern Europe, The Eastern Border is a Dark Myths comrade and Kristaps has plenty of interesting stories from September. Topics are hot, covering everything from Meso-American Archaeology to the linguistics of talking to aliens. Why did a river in Russia run red? Did picking potatoes prove to be too much for one Latvian man? Can cell phones really fry your nards? The boys find out and discuss with Kristaps, who provides a delightful Latvian accent in this BullStone!

Russian School Children Training

NASA’s EM Drive

Cell Phone Sperm Damage?

Italy’s New Masturbation Law

Latvian Potato Harvest

Red Russian River

Maya Codex Authenticated

Russian Base Near AK

Alien Language Barriers

Eyesight Stories Charity


With music by Diablo Swing Orchestra


BullStone 21: The Eastern Border, September 2016

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