Campfire Ghost Stories 4

Ep 152: Campfire Ghost Stories 4

Campfire Ghost Stories 4
Tales so horrible they shouldn’t be read.

Flora and Stecco break out the barbecue and hitch up the camper for another round of campfire ghost stories! Taking a break from the rather gritty subjects lately, the boys of Blurry Photos regale with some truly bad campfire ghost stories in a just-for-fun, silly episode. A sinister forest hut, walking boar skeleton, spectral bride, and wicked witch fill out this episode. There’s even a story so bad it couldn’t be included (unless you stick around after the end!) Zip up those tents, double up in those sleeping bags, and stay up all night, this summer’s heat is about to get chilling! Don’t forget to check out Dark Myths and the Chicago Podcast Coop for some other great podcasts.


Ossuary 6 – Air” “Night of Chaos” “Inner Sanctum” “Hyperfun” “Tikopia” “Spacial Winds” “Ghostpocalypse 3 – Road of Trials” “Return of Lazarus” “Spazzmotica Polka” “Touching Story” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 152: Campfire Ghost Stories 4