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  • Ep 152: Campfire Ghost Stories 4

    Ep 152: Campfire Ghost Stories 4

    Flora and Stecco break out the barbecue and hitch up the camper for another round of campfire ghost stories! Taking a break from the rather gritty subjects lately, the boys of Blurry Photos regale with some truly bad campfire ghost stories in a just-for-fun, silly episode. A sinister forest hut, walking boar skeleton, spectral bride,…

  • Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 1

    Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 1

    Once again we gather to stare, mouths agape, at the freakiest of the freaks in the 2016 Miss Cryptid Contest! Week 1 of this year’s Miss Cryptid Contest features the Athol of Java, the Cornish Owlman, and the Arkansas Gowrow. It’s a week of terrorizing tidbits from across the globe. Which crazy creature will capture…