Axeman of New Orleans

Ep 151: The Axeman of New Orleans

Axeman of New Orleans
Don’t axe don’t tell

Leave the lights on and make sure some jazz is playing, the Axeman of New Orleans is striking Blurry Photos! A horrific true crime account of an early 20th century serial killer, the Axeman of New Orleans terrorized the folks of the Big Easy yet his identity remains a mystery. Flora and Stecco put on detective caps and delve into the killer’s M.O., including attacks, timeline, suspects, and the infamous letter he supposedly sent the police. Was it a deranged person with a taste for blood? Jack the Ripper resurfacing? The mafia? No one truly knows, but the boys lay out the facts as they are. Listener discretion is advised, as details can be a bit disturbing. And if you hear some scratching at the back door… run! (Summary, A Killer Site, Details)


Ossuary 6 – Air” “Midsummer Sky” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 151: The Axeman of New Orleans


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  1. […] from KY, the South, and other regions. Flora first learned of him through the research for the Axeman of New Orleans, as Keven wrote The Axman Came from Hell. He joins to discuss his work in Kentucky Book of the […]