MOnster Hunters with Tea Krulos

Ep 150: Monster Hunters with Tea Krulos

MOnster Hunters with Tea Krulos
Down and dirty with Tea Krulos!

Flora and Stecco had a chance to chat with Tea Krulos, author of Monster Hunters in this episode! A freelance writer and author from Milwaukee, WI, and also founder of the MKE Paracon, Tea Krulos joins the boys to discuss his latest book, Monster Hunters. From paranormal investigators to proprietors of cryptozoological sites, the book is a fascinating exploration into the people behind the topics Blurry Photos loves to cover. Tea really got a taste of who dedicates their lives to finding answers to life’s mysteries, and delves into his experiences writing the book. He also talks about his previous book Heroes in the Night, and the upcoming MKE Paracon in October. Make sure to pick up a copy of his book and reserve your tickets for the Paracon! (Get the Book, Get Tickets, More about Tea)


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Episode 150: Monster Hunters with Tea Krulos