BullStone 25: Gettin’ Strange plus BullPhone, March 2017

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BullStone 25: Gettin' Strange plus BullPhone, March 2017
Our first BullPhone, all the way from Australia!

Get ready for a heap of fun from down under as Blurry Photos welcomes the first BullPhone guest! David and Dave discuss fun cryptid news with Emma from Queensland in this inaugural BullPhone. Thylacines, yowies, giant pigs, and crazy cryptid hunters abound. Plus hacking with sound waves, ancient Egyptian cannabis, signals in space, and proving the non-existence of ghosts at CERN. The first BullStone of the season is packed with weird, fun stuff! If you’d like to be on one yourself, visit Patreon to sign up!


Hacking with Sound

Ancient Cannabis

Space Signals

Ghosts and CERN

Thylacine Sightings

Yowie Scruff


With music by Diablo Swing Orchestra


BullStone 25: Gettin’ Strange plus BullPhone, March 2017

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