Tag: Witch Trials

  • Ep 264: Moosham Castle

    Ep 264: Moosham Castle

    Season 10 draws to a close with Moosham Castle, a throwback episode from the Extrasode back catalogue. A location rich in gory history, Moosham Castle in Austria is infamous for hauntings, witch trials, and bloody tales among a wild socioeconomic history. David takes you on a tour of castle’s history and claims. Tales of werewolves…

  • Ep 234: Werewolves part 1

    Ep 234: Werewolves part 1

    Blurry Photober continues as Flora cracks open the history book on werewolves! A classic horror monster, werewolves have been around different cultures for millennia, but maybe not quite the way you think. David explores the origins of this popular mythology, including tales from antiquity, global versions, and the beginning of their evolution to what we…