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  • Ep 270: Campfire Ghost Stories 10

    Ep 270: Campfire Ghost Stories 10

    David is back with some more creepy campfire ghost stories! In the tenth installment of campfire ghost stories, you’ll hear a classic Blackwood tale, a couple riddles, and a Baudelaire poem. A creepy tale of not getting too into your homework kicks it off. A couple of short riddles add to the fun. And a…

  • Episode 145: Cicada 3301

    Episode 145: Cicada 3301

    Forget the thinking caps, grab the whole thinking suit as the boys of Blurry Photos try to crack Cicada 3301! One of the oddest recent mysteries of the Internet Age, Cicada 3301 is the term for a series of incredibly complex cryptographic puzzles that have stumped and intrigued folks for years now. What are these…