Tag: Mass Hysteria

  • Ep 177: Ergotism

    Ep 177: Ergotism

    The end of Season 5 is upon us, and the Davids end in a sickly bang as they discuss Ergotism! A dangerous and deadly disease, Ergotism ravaged medieval countrysides and has been pegged as a culprit in a number of famous historical events. The boys look at the history of the disease, including where it…

  • BullStone 17: Fair Point Podcast, May 2016

    BullStone 17: Fair Point Podcast, May 2016

    The boys of Fair Point Podcast join to talk weird May news on this episode of BullStone! Nathan and Craig from Fair Point Podcast discuss everything from physics to mass hysteria with Flora and Stecco. With such topics as ancient human evidence in North America, LARP insurance, and a Peruvian school stalker, May definitely had…