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  • Ep 275: Irish Mythical Artifacts

    Ep 275: Irish Mythical Artifacts

    David is back and kicking off with some Irish mythical artifacts! The rich mythology of the Emerald Isle has many Irish mythical artifacts supplementing its heroes and legends, and Flora brings you 15 to discuss! Not only from Ireland, but the rest of the British Isles as well. Swords, cauldrons, harps, stones – there’s a…

  • Episode 115: Legendary Weapons

    Episode 115: Legendary Weapons

    Dave and David act sharp and take a swing at some legendary weapons in this epic episode! Warfare has always played a big role in the shaping of civilizations throughout history, giving rise to legendary weapons both awesome and terrifying. The boys look at weapons in culture as well as game-changing advances in weaponry through the ages. They also…