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  • Ep 181: Ivan T Sanderson

    Ep 181: Ivan T Sanderson

    Forteana has a few big names in the field, but only one may be bigger than Ivan T Sanderson! A well-read, well-traveled man of many interests, Ivan T Sanderson was a prolific naturalist whose interest in Forteana paved the way for students of the unexplained. Flora and Stecco take an in-depth look at his life…

  • Episode 118: Charles Fort

    Episode 118: Charles Fort

    Time for a hat tip to one of the weird and wild’s #1 guys, Charles Fort! Widely considered the grandfather of research into weird, strange, occult, and out-there subjects, Charles Fort helped usher in the era of interest into such subjects which Blurry Photos thrive on. The boys dive into his life and times including…