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  • Ep 253: Irish Pirates

    Ep 253: Irish Pirates

    Season 10 roars into port with a slurry photos about Irish Pirates! Celebrating the season opener, Flora grabs the Jameson and Guinness and takes you through some fun history with stories of Irish Pirates. Learn about the likes of Anne Bonny, George Cusack, and Grace O’Malley. Hear the tale of the Ouzel Galley, the ship…

  • Miss Cryptid 2018 Week 3

    Miss Cryptid 2018 Week 3

    And just like that, the final week of the 2018 Miss Cryptid Contest is upon us! Georgia’s river monster, the Altamaha-ha, the Caribbean’s fire hag the Soucouyant, and Australia’s treetop assassin the Dropbear are the last 3 contestants to grace the 2018 Miss Cryptid Contest stage. These lethal lasses saved some pretty powerful performances for…

  • Episode 78: Blackbeard

    Episode 78: Blackbeard

    Brace yourselves as Blurry Photos pull up alongside you and unleash a full broadside of Blackbeard! Perhaps the most famous pirate of all time, Blackbeard had a penchant for theatrics and naval strategy that propelled him into the stuff of legends. David and Dave go toe-to-toe with the salty sea dog and explore who the…