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  • Ep 231: John Dee part 1

    Ep 231: John Dee part 1

    Flora is back with the beginning of a mega episode all about John Dee! Conjurer, magus, sorcerer, astrologer – these are but a few things the 16th century polymath John Dee was called. History knows him as a smart man who chose an occult path. He cast horoscopes. Talked with angels. Practiced alchemy. Continually searched…

  • Episode 136: Astrology

    Episode 136: Astrology

    Look to the stars, Blurrievers – the constellation of Blurry Photos will tell you all you need to know about astrology! An ancient divination system of complex proportions, astrology has captivated and confused mankind for thousands of years. Many people know their “sign,” but what they don’t know is the system that their sign is…