Tag: Anomalous Phenomena

  • Episode 144: Aerial Mysteries (Live)

    Episode 144: Aerial Mysteries (Live)

    Blurry Photos finally got a live show off the ground, and took to the skies with an episode all about aerial mysteries! Covering a broad spectrum of strange sky stuff, aerial mysteries includes UFOs, aviation hauntings, natural phenomenon, and a host of other heavenly happenings. Flora and Stecco took to the stage to discuss a…

  • Episode 118: Charles Fort

    Episode 118: Charles Fort

    Time for a hat tip to one of the weird and wild’s #1 guys, Charles Fort! Widely considered the grandfather of research into weird, strange, occult, and out-there subjects, Charles Fort helped usher in the era of interest into such subjects which Blurry Photos thrive on. The boys dive into his life and times including…