4 thoughts on “Blurry Photos Podcast

  1. I love your podcast! Not only are you guys hilarious but very likable. I am fascinated by all of your topics but what makes me a huge fan is your personalities.

    Would you please send me a link to the multiple-voiced drowning EVP that you wouldn’t play? Thanks! When you mentioned an EVP so disturbing, I thought you were going to play that famous recording of a scream from Chingle Hall in the UK. Not only is the scream bloodcurdling but sound engineering analysis shows the voice was not human and had multiple original sources. If you don’t already have this EVP, I’d be happy to send a link.


  2. You guys have a wicked funny podcast! Hope you guys keep going strong. Perhaps ya can do a podcast on giants, friggin heard some guy talking about that business awhile ago, and it was stuck in my head, could be a load of bull stone but it was entertaining.

  3. love the podcast, the best “supernatural/paranormal” podcast yet.
    enertaining and most certainly funny. keep it up you crazy tickets you!

  4. Hi.
    I love the shows. Well researched and very very funny.
    By the way you asked about the Banshee comb in your faeries podcast. I was always told by my mother who was from rural Southern Ireland that the Banshee was a grey clothed figure that was doomed to wail at the windows of households that would soon experience a death.
    The comb seems to be from myths of the Banshee combing her long white hair as she weeps for the soon to be deceased.
    Thanks for the great shows.

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