Episode 89: Siberia’s Valley of Death

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Siberia's Valley of Death
Who you gonna cauldron?

Grab your para-fan and saddle the reindeer, Blurry Photos will be taking you to Siberia’s Valley of Death in this one! A remote area of Russian marsh/taiga, this mysterious section of nowhere known as Siberia’s Valley of Death is home to strange and dangerous structures. The Davids discuss the region’s history as well as the stories that have come from different sources. With descriptions of domes, odd maladies, and unknown metals along with possible tie-ins to meteor explosions, the area certainly demands the kind of attention Blurry Photos like to give. Get a geiger counter and a long pokin’ stick for this episode! (Ivan Mackerle’s article, Detailed Summary, Visit Yakutia)

With music by Kevin MacLeod


Episode 89: Siberia’s Valley of Death

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