Episode 85: Cahokia

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Mounds of fun!

The boys of Blurry Photos are St. Louis-bound and headed for the mounds of Cahokia! The site of a sprawling pre-Columbian civilization, Cahokia is infamous for its mystery and relative obscurity. Not really fitting the narrative of what many historians have believed for a long time, this site defies conceptions of early American life and serves as a compelling reminder of how little we know of past cultures, or what all has been brushed under the rug. Flora and Stecco delve into what the culture was like, where it may have come from, and what may have happened to it. Get your chert gear ready and settle in to your earthen hut for a mega episode of the podcast! (UNESCO page, Short Summary, Article on Sacrifices)

With music by Kevin MacLeod and Jose Carlos Torres


Episode 85: Cahokia

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