Episode 24: Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack
Fancy a slap ‘n tickle, guvnah?

Victorian England had more to worry about than just cholera, consumption, or being run over by carriages. With his attacks on women and ability to escape any situation, Spring-Heeled Jack terrorized the countryside as much as any disease or outrageous gossip in the 1800’s. The fact that he was never caught just made him more legendary, and worthy a discussion by the boys of Blurry Photos. Was he a mischievous man, hell-bent on causing as much fear and disarray as possible for his own amusement? Was he just a folktale blown out of proportion by a scandal-hungry media? Could he have been more than anyone ever imagined, an extraterrestrial who survived on roguery and distress? We may never know, but we’ll surely take some guesses on this episode! Special thanks to Roger Langridge (www.hotelfred.com) for permission to use his Spring-Heeled Jack artwork!


Episode 24: Spring-Heeled Jack


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