Episode 111: DB Cooper

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DB Cooper
Everyone’s favorite fall guy.

The Davids are hijacking the airwaves with the help of DB Cooper in this episode! One of very few to hijack a plane and not be caught by the FBI, DB Cooper’s motives, methods, and whereabouts are still a mystery to this day. With the lax security of 1970s airports, a man was able to take over a plane mid-air, demand and receive a ransom, and disappear into the night. But who was the man? How did he escape? Where is the ransom money? And did he even live to tell the tale? The boys examine the events surrounding the hijacking of Northwest Orient flight 305 and discuss possible suspects and outcomes of the fateful act of air piracy. Grab your loafers, bourbon, and parachute, Blurry Photos are taking a dive on this one! (FBI Site, A Summary, Detailed Article)

With music by Kevin MacLeod


Episode 111: DB Cooper

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