Campfire Ghost Stories 6

Ep 216: Campfire Ghost Stories 6

Campfire Ghost Stories 6
Wood you like to hear a story?

While the warm weather remains, campfire ghost stories are the perfect supplement to any outdoor excursion! Tales of creepy Japanese folklore, an undead stalker, stifling evil, and more abound in this 6th installment of campfire ghost stories. Join Flora as he relays a variety of spooky yarns not unlike the ones from the old Tales From the Crypt. Bring a mini speaker and play this episode on your next night in the middle of nowhere! Just be sure to bring extra batteries for the flashlight you’ll be constantly scanning the treeline with. Oh, and if you happen to find a glass eye rolling around, don’t stick it in your mouth.


Danse Macabre, Myst on the Moor, Asian Drums, Awkward Meeting, Backbay Lounge, Blue Sizzle, Classic Horror 2, Horrorific, Midnight in the Green House, Ossuary 6 – Air, Quinn’s Song-A New Man, Spider Eyes, The Dread – Kevin MacLeod (
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