Mind Control 1.0

Ep 184: Mind Control 1.0

Mind Control 1.0
Don’t mind us. We’ll mind you.

Flora and Stecco break out the swinging pocket watches and devious fungi to talk about mind control! The manipulation of another person’s thoughts/emotions/actions is a sinister trick, and the boys discuss the more fringe versions of mind control in this one. From hypnotism to neural implants, sci-fi and pop culture has many fun ideas of what constitutes mental takeover. Nature also has some wild abilities in this realm. This is the first episode of what will ultimately be a pair, with a 2.0 version coming at a later time this season. That episode will focus on proven methods of mentality management such as brainwashing, propaganda, Edward Bernays, MK Ultra and drugs. For now, enjoy the weirder parts in the war… for your mind! (All kinds of Control, Hypno-summary, Insect Overlords)


Beach Party” “Interloper” by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 184: Mind Control 1.0