Narco Saints
These santas don’t mess around, chico.

Dave and David grab the flowers and votives for a virtual trip to Mexico to look at Narco Saints. A relatively recent evolution of Catholicism in Mexico, Narco Saints are figures of the church and folklore venerated by the destitute and criminals. Figures such as Santa Muerte, Juan el Soldado, and San Ramon Nonato provide protection to those seeking help smuggling, running, and getting out of poverty. But at what cost? Some would say this behavior is nothing but cult worship, and indeed some aspects are. While a few are sanctioned Catholic saints, several aren’t, and hold a darker, bloodier aspect. Join the boys as they discuss the saints and the culture that led to them in this religio-cultura episode of the podcast! (Know Your Saints, Atlantic Article, An Interview)


Sneaky Snitch” by Kevin MacLeod,
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Episode 160: Narco Saints