Josef Mengele

Ep 154: Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele
He’s no angel.

The Davids put a microscope on one of history’s most notorious dealers of evil, Josef Mengele. Known for his time as a doctor at Auschwitz during WWII, Josef Mengele came to be called the Angel of Death for his role in atrocious experiments and control of people’s fates. Blurry Photos examine his life, including education, experiments, and what eventually happened to him. Was he truly the despicable fiend history knows him as? What was with his fascination of twins (and eyes)? Could there actually be a town in Brazil where he escaped to perform his twisted Nazi medicine and cause an unnatural rise in blue-eyed twins? Truth may be stranger and more terrifying than fiction in this history-packed episode! (A SummaryAbout the TwinsNY Times Article ’85)


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Episode 154: Josef Mengele