gettin' strange april 2016

BullStone 16: Gettin’ Strange, April 2016

gettin' strange april 2016
A showering of April news

As spring reared its dainty head, April brought us some weird and wacky news which the boys parlay into a sweet new BullStone! David and Dave are gettin’ strange on this episode of BullStone, with a smattering of historical, conspiratorial, and cryptozoological news from April. Flora found some interesting articles about recent ancient Egyptian revelations, space, and UFO tech. Stecco weighed in with a bit of Shakespeare, a blurry photo, and a conspiratorial teamup for the ages. Special thanks to all who came to the live show and all the Patreon backers! And don’t forget, May is Miss Cryptid month, so keep an eye out for that!

With music by Diablo Swing Orchestra

Planet 9, non-killer

Shakespearean Folio Found

Gravity Shielding Tech?

Skywalker, Texas Ranger

Egyptian Female Pharoah Stones

Egyptian Demons

Cryptid on Camera?


BullStone 16: Gettin’ Strange, April 2016