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  • Miss Cryptid 2014 Week 3

    Miss Cryptid 2014 Week 3

    The Miss Cryptid 2014 “regular season competition” comes to a close with the third and final week of mortifying monsters! Blurry Photos examine the Manticore of Persian mythology, the South African Inkanyamba, and the New Orleans Grunch. Plus, the winner of week 2 is announced. Don’t forget to go to the Blurry Photos Home page…

  • Miss Cryptid 2014 Week 2

    Miss Cryptid 2014 Week 2

    We’re back with week 2 of the Miss Cryptid Contest! Round two is laden with beasts, tears, and danger, as the boys discuss the Ahuizotl, The Squonk, and the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro. The winner of week one is also revealed in this episode! Listen, then cast a vote to be entered into the Miss Cryptid Sweepstakes…