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  • Ep 231: John Dee part 2

    Ep 231: John Dee part 2

    The saga of John Dee continues in a massive second part of the episode. The second half of John Dee’s life was even wilder than his first, scrying with Edward Kelley and writing down the angelic language. Flora continues an incredibly deep dive into the polymath’s life, detailing his actions with Kelley, travels abroad, and…

  • Episode 100: The Holy Grail

    Episode 100: The Holy Grail

    Blurry Photos have reached a milestone, and the celebration is on with an episode dedicated to the Holy Grail! The Davids do a little something different in this episode, crafting a complete 40s-style radio play to educate and entertain you, the listener. A profound and influential religious artifact, the Holy Grail has been talked about…

  • BullStone 3: Greg Bach

    BullStone 3: Greg Bach

    BullStone’s third installment is a raucous one, as Blurry Photos welcome Greg Bach aboard! Long time friend of the podcast, Milwaukee comedian Greg Bach pays a visit to the Darkroom to talk about the strange case of the Belmez Faces. By the way, we’re calling the studio the Darkroom now. We’ll see how it fits.…