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  • Episode 140: Hy-Brasil

    Episode 140: Hy-Brasil

    Season 5 starts with a blurry bang, as the boys get some drinks in ’em and talk about Hy-Brasil! A mysterious island said to appear off the western coast of Ireland, Hy-Brasil is a curious cross between legend and lore. Maps have shown it throughout history, but where did it go? Was it even there?…

  • BP Supplement 9

    BP Supplement 9

    The air has been let out of the mail bag once again, as David and Dave play catch up in a mail supplemental. Many first-time writers and a few veteran Blurrievers make up this mail supplemental, with stories, info, and puns galore! There is a lot of good information about the Elisa Lam episode that…

  • BP Supplement 8

    BP Supplement 8

    Reaching way back in time to the bottom of the mail bag, the boys pull out some long-lost listener mail in another supplemental! New writers, old writers, young writers, old writers, they’re all in this supplement. You’ll get puns, beat boxing, apologies, stories, thought provoking conversation, thought-revoking conversation, and more! There may be repeats of…

  • Episode 109: Robopocalypse

    Episode 109: Robopocalypse

      The boys welcome robotics expert Johnny Maltby to talk about the (impending?) Robopocalypse! The theory that robots may one day rise up to destroy humanity, the Robopocalypse is a modern end-of-days scenario, but how likely is it to happen? Johnny and the Davids discuss such details as what goes into building a robot, what…

  • BP Supplement 5

    BP Supplement 5

    Blurry Photos catch up on a growing mailbag in this supplemental. The boys address listener dreams, puns, mundane super powers, and more. Plus penalties leveled them cause a stir! Don’t forget to like Blurry Photos on Facebook and write a review on iTunes, and head to the Blurry Photos contact page to send a magnificent…

  • BP Supplement 4

    BP Supplement 4

    David and Dave unleash a furious onslaught of listener mail in this supplement! New listeners, new observations, new penalty box charges leveled  – this supplement’s got whatchou want. Stecco has a hard time with some past info, but the boys remain acceptive and listen to all infractions. Don’t forget to like Blurry Photos on Facebook…

  • BP Supplement 3

    BP Supplement 3

    We catch up on some long-overdue mail in this supplemental! You’ve sent in dreams that rival best-selling novels in plot, observations that rival our best research efforts, and puns that rival the stinkiest ham in the deli. Enjoy this extra bit of silliness from Blurry Photos, courtesy of you!   BP Supplement 3

  • BP Supplement 2

    BP Supplement 2

    The Blurry Photos mailbag was chick full, so the boys devoted a whole supplemental episode to it. With stories and puns from you, the listener, Flora and Stecco enjoy some robust malarky in lieu of a normal episode. Stay tuned for more silliness before Season 3 kicks off, and have fun with this all-mail podcast…