Tag: Psionics

  • Episode 114: Remote Viewing

    Episode 114: Remote Viewing

    Empty your rice bowl and let the sensations flood in as Blurry Photos take look at remote viewing. A branch of psionics dealing with sensing distant things with one’s mind, remote viewing has had an interesting and well-tested history (in America). However, that doesn’t mean the ability is necessarily tried and true. David and Dave…

  • Episode 103: Psychokinesis

    Episode 103: Psychokinesis

    Dave and David embark upon a journey of the mind to find out more about the mysterious phenomenon of Psychokinesis in this episode of Blurry Photos! Comprised of such abilities as telekinesis and levitation, Psychokinesis is a form of psionics that deals in mind over matter. Can objects be manipulated purely through thought alone? Is…