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  • Miss Cryptid 2017 Week 3

    Miss Cryptid 2017 Week 3

    The 2017 Miss Cryptid Contest enters the final week of semi-final competition, and boy does it deliver! The final Miss Cryptid contestants include the Moon-Eyed People of Appalachia, New England’s own Hoover the Talking Seal, and the seductive Scandinavian Huldra. We finally get to see not only the swimsuit section, but the talent portion as…

  • Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 2

    Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 2

    Three more elaborately festooned contestants parade before you in Week 2 of the 2016 Miss Cryptid Contest! New England and India send their Miss Cryptid picks in the form of the Astomi, Pigman of Northfield, and the Pukwudgie. Devilish imps, mouthless wimps, and swiney crimps are on the menu, and it’ll be up to you to…