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  • BP Supplement 5

    BP Supplement 5

    Blurry Photos catch up on a growing mailbag in this supplemental. The boys address listener dreams, puns, mundane super powers, and more. Plus penalties leveled them cause a stir! Don’t forget to like Blurry Photos on Facebook and write a review on iTunes, and head to the Blurry Photos contact page to send a magnificent…

  • BP Supplement 3

    BP Supplement 3

    We catch up on some long-overdue mail in this supplemental! You’ve sent in dreams that rival best-selling novels in plot, observations that rival our best research efforts, and puns that rival the stinkiest ham in the deli. Enjoy this extra bit of silliness from Blurry Photos, courtesy of you!   BP Supplement 3

  • Episode 76b: Dreams

    Episode 76b: Dreams

    The dreams mega-cast concludes in this second part of the episode. David and Dave cover everything from creatures to psychology in this one. Many questions are unanswered when it comes to these nightly flights of fancy, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from theorizing answers. What types of beasts are connected to dreams? What do the…

  • Episode 76a: Dreams

    Episode 76a: Dreams

    All your dreams are coming true in this 2-part episode! Flora and Stecco take a ride into one of science’s greatest mysteries in another podcast mega-installment. A phenomenon that has been part of human experience since humans human’d, dreams are one of the most common experiences we don’t know much about. The Davids scope out…