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  • Episode 147: Spontaneous Human Combustion

    Episode 147: Spontaneous Human Combustion

    Fire up the media player and put the oven mitts on, Blurry Photos dive into spontaneous human combustion in this one! Urban legend or scientific possibility? That’s the sizzling question everyone wants to know about spontaneous human combustion. Is it possible for a person to burst into flames and incinerate suddenly and horribly? The boys…

  • Episode 142: Goblins

    Episode 142: Goblins

    Crawl out of your caves and holes, it’s time to gab about goblins! Creatures of dubious origins, goblins have a longer history than most fantastic critters, and have evolved as time went on. Current culture paints them as terrible, vicious little things, but has that always been the case? Flora and Stecco delve deep to…