Episode 40: Strange Sounds

Bloops, booms, and baritone horns are the strange sounds berating our ears these days, and the boys of Blurry Photos brainstorm a possible basis for each. Sometimes spooky, sometimes startling, many times unexplainable, strange sounds are happening all over the earth, in the ocean, even in space. Science is doing its best to find answers, […]

Episode 32: Time Slips

Step into the past before you even know it with this episode of Blurry Photos. Flora and Stecco examine the phenomenon known as Time Slips and dive into stories of supposed events both famous and not so much. If you’re walking along and suddenly find yourself outside a turn-of-the-century 1900s tailor shop, or maybe come […]

Episode 20: Bunyip

Oh, the Bunyip’s mighty bad, and the Bunyip’s mighty bold, and they tell me that the Bunyip’s now going to be talked about on Blurry Photos! A cryptid from Australia, the Bunyip has terrified generations of folks, yet has never truly been proved to exist. It has its roots in Aboriginal mythology and has now […]