Dark Matter

Episode 96: Dark Matter

David and Dave take on the cosmos and talk about the mysterious subject of dark matter. A modern mystery of galactic proportions, dark matter makes up more of the universe than the matter we’re accustomed to, yet we don’t even know what it is. Numerous observations infer its existence, but what “it” is remains as […]


Episode 95: Derinkuyu

Blurry Photos are going underground for this episode about Derinkuyu! Part of a stunning underground complex in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, Derinkuyu is a whole city carved in caves, but who built it and why? The boys descend into the depths of another great mysterious site and discuss it from the bottom up. Not […]


Episode 76a: Dreams

All your dreams are coming true in this 2-part episode! Flora and Stecco take a ride into one of science’s greatest mysteries in another podcast mega-installment. A phenomenon that has been part of human experience since humans human’d, dreams are one of the most common experiences we don’t know much about. The Davids scope out […]

Black Eyed Kids

Episode 53: Black Eyed Kids

Blurry Photober kicks off in creepy style, as David and Dave open the door to Black Eyed Kids. A disturbing, eerie phenomenon that has been gaining exposure in recent years, Black Eyed Kids, BEKs, or Black Eyed Children are unknown beings hell-bent on getting inside your home for reasons unknown. Adding to the dreadfulness of […]