Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 1

Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 1

Once again we gather to stare, mouths agape, at the freakiest of the freaks in the 2016 Miss Cryptid Contest! Week 1 of this year’s Miss Cryptid Contest features the Athol of Java, the Cornish Owlman, and the Arkansas Gowrow. It’s a week of terrorizing tidbits from across the globe. Which crazy creature will capture […]

BullStone 6: Gettin' Strange June 2015

BullStone 6: Gettin’ Strange June 2015

The boys of Blurry Photos are gettin’ strange for June! With interesting news from around the world, including crazy tech breakthroughs and spooky stuff, June was definitely gettin’ strange. Hear about the Dawn spacecraft and what it’s seeing on the asteroid Ceres, Facebook’s creepy new algorithm, a shadow person encounter, and more! And the winner […]

Miss Cryptid 2015 Week 2

Miss Cryptid 2015 Week 2

Miss Cryptid is in full swing, and week 2 continues the eerie excellence! Parading the Wisconsin Hodag, the French Beast of Gevaudan, and Zana from western Asia, the Miss Cryptid Contest covers the gamut for what’s real and what’s not. Plus, the winner of week 1 is announced! Cast your vote on the Blurry Photos […]


Episode 78: Blackbeard

Brace yourselves as Blurry Photos pull up alongside you and unleash a full broadside of Blackbeard! Perhaps the most famous pirate of all time, Blackbeard had a penchant for theatrics and naval strategy that propelled him into the stuff of legends. David and Dave go toe-to-toe with the salty sea dog and explore who the […]

Miss Cryptid Week 3

Miss Cryptid 2014 Week 3

The Miss Cryptid 2014 “regular season competition” comes to a close with the third and final week of mortifying monsters! Blurry Photos examine the Manticore of Persian mythology, the South African Inkanyamba, and the New Orleans Grunch. Plus, the winner of week 2 is announced. Don’t forget to go to the Blurry Photos Home page […]

Miss Cryptid Week 2

Miss Cryptid 2014 Week 2

We’re back with week 2 of the Miss Cryptid Contest! Round two is laden with beasts, tears, and danger, as the boys discuss the Ahuizotl, The Squonk, and the Vampire Beast of Bladenboro. The winner of week one is also revealed in this episode! Listen, then cast a vote to be entered into the Miss Cryptid Sweepstakes […]