BP Bonus – Candy Chat #5

  Love and candy are in the air, as Tabitha and Betty check out Valentine’s Day sweets! Blurry Photos is nice enough to host Betty and Tabitha’s show on sugar and treatise on treats, and this episode the ladies sample Nerds Rope, Pearson’s Mint Patties, M&M’s Cherry, and Russell Stover assorted chocolate. Which candy will […]

Candy Cane #4

BP Bonus – Candy Chat #4

Tab and Betty are back for another one of the biggest candy holidays of the year! Blurry Photos is nice enough to host Betty and Tabitha’s show on sugar and treatise on treats, and they are here to deck your mouth hallsĀ in the Christmas episode of the Candy Chat podcast. The ladies sample Russell Stover’s […]

Season's Beatings

BP Bonus: Season’s Beatings

It’s Krampusnacht again, and time for Season’s Beatings with your host, Krampus! On this very special episode of Krampus’ own talk show, he welcomes guest Dave Stecco of the Blurry Photos podcast. We learn a little about Dave, and Krampus tests his mettle in a game of trivia. Proving just what an a**hole he can […]

Ghost Stories 2

Episode 57: Ghost Stories 2

Blurry Photober draws to a close with the podcast’s annual Ghost Stories episode. David and Dave send their favorite month off in style with 5 terrifying tales to tickle your funny bone. From darkened alleys to creepy statues, Blurry Photos take you on a ride you won’t forget, with Ghost Stories that might otherwise be […]

Revolutionary War Myths

Episode 41: Revolutionary War Myths

Happy July 2nd, the true Independence Day! Why? Find out that Revolutionary War Myth and more in this star-spangled episode of Blurry Photos. Flora and Stecco examine the truth behind such stories as Paul Revere’s midnight ride, the Boston Massacre, and the Liberty Bell. There are tons of misconceptions and misinformation about Revolutionary War stories, […]

Episode 27: Easter

Spring has sprung, and with the equinox squarely in the rearview mirror, Easter is upon us. Millions of people will celebrate this most holy of Christian holidays, but why do they celebrate they way they do? Flora and Stecco will tell you why on this episode of Blurry Photos! Delving into the long history of […]