BullStone 25: Gettin' Strange plus BullPhone, March 2017

BullStone 25: Gettin’ Strange plus BullPhone, March 2017

Get ready for a heap of fun from down under as Blurry Photos welcomes the first BullPhone guest! David and Dave discuss fun cryptid news with Emma from Queensland in this inaugural BullPhone. Thylacines, yowies, giant pigs, and crazy cryptid hunters abound. Plus hacking with sound waves, ancient Egyptian cannabis, signals in space, and proving […]

Gef's Gury Duty

BP Bonus: Gef’s Gury Duty

  Everyone’s favorite little mischievous mongoose is back, this time ready to dole out justice! Gef pays a visit to the local courthouse and gets excited to do his civic duty. And maybe find some interesting ladies on the panel too. Regular Blurry Photos episodes will return March 17th. Upcoming bonuses include a visit back […]

Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 3

Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 3

The last of the beautifully gruesome contestants march across the audio stage with week 3 of the 2016 Miss Cryptid Contest! The final week of the 2016 Miss Cryptid Contest brings us the Agogwe of East Africa, Snallygaster of rural Maryland, and the Crazy Critter of Bald Mt. Washington. Which of these fine fearsome ladies will […]

Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 1

Miss Cryptid 2016 Week 1

Once again we gather to stare, mouths agape, at the freakiest of the freaks in the 2016 Miss Cryptid Contest! Week 1 of this year’s Miss Cryptid Contest features the Athol of Java, the Cornish Owlman, and the Arkansas Gowrow. It’s a week of terrorizing tidbits from across the globe. Which crazy creature will capture […]


Episode 142: Goblins

Crawl out of your caves and holes, it’s time to gab about goblins! Creatures of dubious origins, goblins have a longer history than most fantastic critters, and have evolved as time went on. Current culture paints them as terrible, vicious little things, but has that always been the case? Flora and Stecco delve deep to […]